About Us

With an effective slogan “Rock with Your Music” Circle Sound Started their journey as a professional recording studio. Here we do all genre music with a special touch of hour heart. As we know music comes from the the heart, so come here feel free and do what your heart say.

The studio started with the event transmission of “Ananda Jatra Ltd.” and it began its journey as a musical studio in 2017 with the hand of Mr. Sharukh [MD, Ananda Jatra Private ltd.] and Ashfaqi Asif aka Shawqy. The studio follows no musical rules. All kind of genre is being composed here. From Folk to Modern, Rock, Pop, Electro, Rap etc. is now being composed here. If u want to built a good career in music “Circle Sound” will be the best place for you.

Sharukh Islam, who is the founder and head of the studio, is a great personal in media directed tons of films, short films, drama, events etc. With his good professional directions, you can feel free to have good musical.

Ashfaqi Asif (Shawqy), who is a well known Rapper and one of first Hip-Hop composer from Bangladesh. Giving good songs from 2007 with D.33 later on BadBoys Crew recently worked on album Deshi HipHop Vol.1 and 2 as well. Besides he worked with other genres with Imran Hossain, Ananda Nagar, Kaharba, Crossovers, Age 16 so on. He is now working as Composer, Sound Producer in this studio.

Soumik Chakma, a very first Mainstream Tribal Artist, who is the sound editor of the studio.



Ambient Place
Create sounds & music in sound proof environment.


24x7 Standby technical crew.


Produce music and sounds at a reasonable price.